Hi, I’m Tammie! To some, I’m just a simple loan officer who loves helping others obtain the home of their dreams, but to many I am more than just a loan officer – I’m a LEGEND. In fact, many people are now beginning to call me the “Mortgage Maestro!”

When you do business with me, you get so much more than just acquiring residential loans or refinanced loans for your existing home. I proudly provide the following:

  • quick and accurate pre-approval results – usually in 24 hours or less!
  • constant communication through weekly phone calls or emails
  • follow-up monthly marketing contacts long after the closing
  • exemplary customer service
  • a better understanding of your business and what is required to make a smooth transaction in what is the largest investment that most people make in their lives

In my spare time, I enjoy writing, drawing, singing, teaching, and attending my sons’ various sporting activities. Music is a passion of mine, and I enjoy all sorts of music, but I must say that new country, hair bands, and contemporary Christian music are my favorites. Sometimes, you can find me reading articles and short stories or just sitting back and watching girly movies like Sweet Home Alabama (though I won’t turn down an occasional Fast and the Furious!).

If you don’t know a good mortgage loan officer, or if the loan officer whom you are working with now doesn’t really understand what great service and communication is all about, stop what you’re doing and call me today! For those who know me well, my phone is never further than arm’s reach!


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