The Three Top Qualities to Look For in a Mortgage Lender

The Three Top Qualities to Look For in a Mortgage LenderBuying a home is probably the largest, most stressful expenditure you will ever have to make in your lifetime. It will not only be your home and sanctuary, but it will also accrue value as the years pass. Because this is such a huge matter in life, you should be very choosy about whom you select to work alongside you to finance your home.

Sure, there will be plenty of lenders out there who would be “more than happy” to help you with your financial needs, but you will want to make sure that you choose the one that has ALL of the qualifications and qualities that make up a great, competent lender.

So what are those qualities and qualifications that you’ll need to look for? Don’t let the shysters pull the wool over your eyes! See below what makes up a great lender!

They Offer You a Wide Range of Products – You know you’ve found a good mortgage lender when you see that they can offer you a large range of products and programs for you to choose from. Why should this matter? If the lender has a wide range of choices, you are more likely to find the loan that works perfectly for you. While you can call around for this information, it might behoove you to check this information out on all the lenders’ websites. Remember, the Internet is your friend – put it to good use!

They Have the Best Rate and Terms on a Home Loan – Low rates are very, very important when it comes to mortgaging. Finding the best, lowest rate that works for you will take a lot of your time and energy, but trust me, it’ll be worth it in the end. Most of the time, you can do these comparisons online. Simply choose an interest rate and see how the lenders you find compare. The offer with the lowest total of points and fees will be what you’re searching for. Just beware that quotes can sometimes change, so be sure to talk to the lender you choose about it.

They Have Excellent Customer Service – You’re not going to just want a loan officer who’s competent at the work he or she does; you’re also going to want one who excels in customer service (trust me – you will!). The mortgage lender of your choosing should have great personal contact and a professional, courteous disposition. You should feel like this person has a genuine interest in your business and helps soothe your fears about the entire process.

This will be a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it in the long run. When you find the perfect loan officer, you will feel much less stressed about all of your financial needs. If you’re looking for that loan officer right now, I can guarantee that I will be the last loan officer you will ever need! Give me a call today at (618) 709-3821 or visit my website at to find out more!