Shameless Self Promotion – Why You Should Be Choosing ME!

When it comes to refinancing, mortgaging, and anything else in the real estate world, having an excellent, competent mortgage loan officer is key. Without one, you could be lost in a world of facts, figures, and jargon, only to try to figure it out for yourself (which can be a very trying and dangerous task).

Even great real estate agents know that it’s important to work side-by-side with equally great mortgage loan officers. With their forces and know-how combined, the two can be the perfect team to help you with all of your mortgaging or refinancing needs.

That’s where I come into the picture.  I am confident that with my former career in the real estate industry combined with my mortgage experience I can get the job done quickly and accurately. I can guarantee you that I will be the very last loan officer that you will EVER need. Whenever you call me to help with your mortgage or financial needs, you will receive many perks having me on your side, including the following:

Quick and Accurate Pre-Approval Rates – I can give you your pre-approval rates very quickly, usually in 24 hours or less. How many mortgage loan officers do you know who can do that?

Constant Communication – Don’t you hate it when loan officers drag their feet to return their calls or simply seem to vanish into thin air when you need them the most? Well, you won’t have that when you work alongside of me! I believe that constant communication is essential in order to succeed in anything. I make weekly phone calls or write emails to put your mind at ease during the process and to give you updates.

Local Services – You don’t have to worry about having your files sent out of state or even out of town! I use local processing and underwriting. This allows the process to go more quickly and stay on track.

Follow-Up Long After Closing – Once closing happens, I won’t just leave you behind in the dust. I like to keep in contact with my clients through monthly marketing contacts to see how you’re doing after the process.

You Gain An Experienced Ally – I have been a Realtor and have over a decade’s worth of experience to help you through before, during, and after the entire process. I can help you gain insight and knowledge about the process and help you to understand what’s going on.

I’m helping real estate agents and their buyers to get the home financing that they need. So if you don’t know a good mortgage loan officer (or if your current loan officer doesn’t quite get what great service and communication is really all about), you should talk to me! Pick up the phone and give me a call at (618) 709-3821 or check out my website at